Discover the Turn Key Difference

At Turn Key Heat and Air, we believe that the right environment can unlock your full potential. Call us to see how a custom air system can improve your life.

Precision Control at Your Fingertips

Thermostat Solutions

Unlock the secret to a good night’s sleep and peak productivity. With our state-of-the-art thermostats, take control of every room’s temperature, ensuring the optimal environment for every activity, every moment.

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Transform Your Garage into Your Happy Place

Garage Conditioning

Reimagine the possibilities of your garage. Whether it’s woodworking, working out, or any hobby, our garage conditioning solutions create the perfect atmosphere, reigniting your passion and joy.

Optimal Comfort in Every Corner

Home Zoning Systems

Why condition the entire house when you’re in just one room? Our home zoning systems ensure personalized comfort throughout your home while saving energy.

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Breathe Easier, Live Better

IAQ Products and Ventilation

Clean air is essential for health and happiness. Our indoor air quality (IAQ) products and advanced ventilation systems purify and refresh your home’s air, boosting physical health, immunity, and overall well-being.

Always There, Always Ready

24/7 Support and Maintenance:

Comfort shouldn’t come with a “working hours” label. Our dedicated team is available 24/7, ensuring your systems run seamlessly and any issues are promptly addressed.

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3833 N Arkansas St, Rogers, AR

Open Hours:

Mon-Sun: 7am - 7pm

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